Sunday 28 October 2007

Post #2: Towards a more critical and engaging title

Hmm. Okay, so I just googled "Dr Gamelove" and, surprise surprise, it's hardly an original name. So, ideas anyone?

How to resolve this conundrum? How do you pit yourself, creatively, against the collective creative/random intelligence of the Internet Tubes? You resort to a crazy name generating algorithm, that's how! A selection of the first few names generated by GameSpy's The Naminator folows:

  • DarthEnergumen
  • LumpyFireman
  • EnlargedBlueBox
  • CrushingT-bag
  • ShortPorker
  • DemonicToilet (rofl!)
Of which, currently EnlargedBlueBox is my favorite... however, there is one last person we must consult first. BRIAN ENO! That's right - Brian Eno's oblique strategies never ceases to amaze with it's zany ideas for solutions to creative problems.

Consulting the deck of said strategies, the Ghost of Peter Schmidt channels this message to me:

"Don't be frightened of cliches."

If i believed in Ghosts, I might be feeling ever so slightly troubled right about now, however I do not, so with my sanity intact, I chalk it up to 'simply' another random fall of the dice. I however also do not believe in co-incidence, so there may be more to this message than initially appears.

Next the visage of Schmidt/Eno (This was first a typo that said Schmdit/Emo. That was too funny to ignore) says to me:

Left channel, right channel, centre channel"

This seems a suitably pretnetious title for a blog with the kind of tone that I am aiming for, so Stereo Left, Right, Centre, could be the impending name for this newborn blog. Fits with my musical influences / aims... what do you reckon?

Re-launch the pre-pubescent 'Dr Gamelove' blog as Stereo Left, Right, Centre? Not worth changing the URL, maybe just the header. Sounds like a keeper.

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