Saturday 1 March 2008

2 months of catchup!

Wow, no posts since December! How to cover such a vast backlog of things to note and write down?


  • Dec
    • WoW. Lots of WoW.
    • Christmas: New PC, Dual Core for all my musical applications.
  • Jan
    • Turned 21 in Vietnam, couldn't ask for a more interesting day!
    • The rest of Vietnam was good, very mind expanding and eye opening.
    • Assassins Creed - that was fun. For about 3 days... pity.
  • Feb
    • More WoW.
    • Uni begins - honours is mind expanding.
Well, that's about it (ha!) but I've got a really cool idea for a post/mini essay that I'm going to write up in the next few days (hopefully) about practice led research, inspired by an article by Prof. Barbara Bolt, who was in turn inspired by Heideggers notions of Handlability.

Tying into that is the idea of 'Semiotic Domains', a topic upon which I have been enlightened by a chapter in the 'The Game Design Reader: A Rules of Play Anthology', edited by Salem and Zimmerman, though the chapter is not theirs. I think it has practical applications for the study of videogames.

I'm sure there's more and i've totally forgotten a lot of important details, but it'll all come good in the end.

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