Monday 28 July 2008

In a previous life I was...

...a mashup artist.

So here's a link to my critically acclaimed* mashup album, Demon Says...A Mashup Album.

A little bit of background on the album, all done in an attractive, bullet point style:
  • > I made it for a 20 credit point unit at Uni (It was half of a semesters load worth of study)
  • > It was made in around 4 months
  • > It is a thematic song-by-song remixing/reworking/mashing-up of the entire Gorillaz album 'Demon Days' (hence Demon Says... Geddit? like Simon Says... okay you're right it wasn't all that clever but it stuck.)
  • > It features other such prominent artists such as: Coldplay, Fergie, Will Smith, Radiohead, Rhianna, Lady Sovereign, Justin Timberlake and plenty of other unwitting victims.
  • > It got me a distinction. Nuff said surely.
  • > Oh yeah, it's free cause if I tried to make money from it I'd be hunted down and killed.
  • > Please try and listen to the whole album - there's supposed to be a thematic continuity and I think some of that idea survived the process. The ending songs do get a bit weird, but I like weird, and so do you - go on, admit it.
  • > Some song titles are appropriaely nerdy (e.g. the final tracks' title 'Exits are north south, east and Dennis'. If you don't get it, I'm not explaining it to you)
  • > I really enjoyed making it, and some of it remains some of my best work. I hope you like at least some of it too.

Go nuts people, but don't tell the authorities on me, K?

*by critically acclaimed I mean that I, speaking critically, am full of accolades for it.

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Fashigady said...

I really like some of the tracks with excerpts especially. Its like listening to music and watching a movie at the same time, which is cool (at least imo :D)