Friday 22 May 2009

For the RSS readers: SLRC Does Pinball

Because I know there are some readers of SLRC that don't catch all I mention on Twitter, I wanted to let you know of a piece I wrote for Kotaku Australia on the first Annual Pinball Expo in Sydney. I wrote about it from a videogame angle because I expected there to be more "gamers" at the expo than there were - in hindsight, of course, Pinball was most popular with a generation older than my own, but I somehow overlooked that going in.

Anyway, there were too many videogame parallels to pass up commenting on and the editor-at-large of Kotaku AU, David Wildgoose, was kind enough to give me a place to talk about them. It starts out like this,

I guess the website should have tipped me off about the expo in advance – it was done in crude HTML and featured the kind of layout scheme that would have been the height of excellence on a Geocities site circa 1999. That is, it had fluoro coloured text and a visitor counter at the bottom currently sitting pretty at around 7,000 visitors.
And continues on in a fashion that even my mother found compelling enough to read. Head on over for the full text and some better pictures (but not much better).


Logan said...

Hey Ben, since you were kind enough to take a look last time I wanted to let you know that the follow-up to my last piece is finally up over at The House Next Door (a look at Braid). I particularly wanted to thank you for the CD Braid compilation as it proved invaluable when researching the piece. I'd only encountered about half of the articles before and it really gave me a great launching point.

Ben Abraham said...

Heh, I beat you to it Logan. I've already read it and thought it was pretty good. I was debating the merits of it with Simon Ferrari over Twitter yesterday as well.

I hope you're going to continue with the series.

Simon Ferrari said...

Good times.

Logan said...


Leave a comment over a THND next time and I promise to respond. There are some things I could've clarified a little, especially for Simon. My somewhat green tone, for instance is due to THND's audience. Most are not as familiar with the gaming criticism community, and I try to make something that is accessible to those who have never approached gaming critically but do follow other types of criticism (thus leading in the way I did).

Anyway, enough hijacking of your blog! I did totally agree with your Half-Life 2 post the other day, too. I recently played through it all and I remember that particular scene very well.