Sunday 5 July 2009

Permanent Death, Interstitial - Evolution of an Explosion


Grey_Ghost said...

Those white spheres in the second pick look so very odd. I guess that is something you never see in motion, cause I certainly don't remember anything that jarring.

Ugh, these Iron Man blogs are tempting me to play Far Cry 2 again. I love it, and I hate it... about 50/50. Perhaps I could finally try killing as many buddies as early as possible.

I wonder if there are screen shots anywhere of all the characters arms / legs. I remember that some of them were ho hum, and others being plain ugly.

Rob said...

I have just started reading these posts and they are awesome and get my fingers twitching to play Far Cry 2 again, I had so much fun in that game.
I also agree with your idea that Far Cry 2 is all about the anecdotes that come from the game. One of my favourite two moments in the game is firstly when I was asked to assualt a villa and clear it out, it took at least thirty minutes so I could stealthily make my way around the whole property and take out as many guards as I could silently then led a huge pitched battle in the main courtyard.
Secondly was due to my reliance on stealth and trying to get vantage points in battles led to a harrowing scene:

Truly an epic moment for me in the game.

Loving the blog.

Elliott Richards said...

Just in case you were following my blog, although I'm not too sure you were, I posted a Blog 5 today, titled "What kind of animals would do such a thing?"

Well... Without even completing a damn Faction Mission, I managed to die at the hands of a very keen Sniper whilst driving away from a completed mission, waiting to debrief with Michele Dachss.

I posted on your third blog that I'd probably die on the road, and indeed I did die in a Vehicle. It took two impressively powerful bullets.

I'm not gonna say Infamous was too over the top, or difficult for that matter. Sure, it was difficult, but it was only as difficult as you made it for yourself. When you get the chance, perhaps give the Infamous difficulty a try, and see what you think.

I'm glad to see you're still alive and well on the Game, and keep up the blogs. I haven't seen one from you in almost a week now.