Friday 14 August 2009

Permanent Death, Episode 7: A Mysterious Packet

CIA Special Analyst Perry Gerling was part of the African Attaché, and as such regularly received reports from a number of field operatives. One particular operative was late in reporting and he grew anxious waiting.

After several days of silence, he was about to consider reporting the field agent as missing when a package arrived on his desk in a yellowed envelope. It looked like it had travelled half-way round the world in someone’s back pocket. Inside was a long telegram (2 pages) from his field agent and a series of surveillance photographs.

Gerling pulled out the surveillance photographs and leafed through them.

It was clear that Singh was regularly getting his hands dirty, but as to whether he was still on-the-job was another matter. He grabbed a pen and a pad from his top drawer and scribbled a note for a return message. "Maintain distance and surveillance. END OF TELEGRAM." He wondered whether Washington would notice the expenses being racked up by his special surveillance project but he Gerling thought it was worth the risk. Washington still didn't know that Singh had - potentially, he was quick to add to no one in particular - gone rogue. He looked over a few more of the photos.

Yes it was going to be worth the extra hassle of justifying the diverted resources if it mean he could give a definitive answer to Washington. Singh would show his hand sooner or later, he knew that much from experience.

"This just won't do." He said, tossing aside the photographs and rocking back in his chair. At this rate, he considered, he was likely to get a posting back Stateside some time around the turn of the next decade.

At least one agent was still taking orders.


Ben Abraham said...

I just want to note that I think Hector Hoorhees (3rd last photo) has a haircut like Clint Hocking.

That is all.

Elliott Richards said...

You're right, he really does.

I have noticed how your blogs are becoming less frequent, and also less enthusiastic. And the suicide post made it more obvious.

The problem with Far Cry 2, is it can become so boring at any time. It can lose the grip of your attention very quickly.

It appears that your audience has fallen behind too! I certainly had. I had to catch up with your blogs. I'm hoping you bump into Frank Bilders, and refer to my Sniped death and how he is still alive.

I liked how you'd gave those characters the life us fellow permadeath gamers had given them. And how they have supposedly died.

I thought it was a creative idea, like most of the things you've done here.

I hope your fire doesnt burn out, and you find a new motivation to keep going!

Ben Abraham said...

Thanks Elliott, for the encouragement. I'm definitely slowing down my rate of play/updates. I haven't booted up Far Cry 2 for longer than a few minutes in almost a month.

Oh well, I refuse to feel guilty about it. I don't want this to become a chore and sometimes we just need to take a bit of a break, y'know. Thanks again for reading and commenting.

Elliott Richards said...

No problem!

And like you said, it shouldn't become a chore. It's not a "must-do" thing.

I guess, in a way, losing most of your followers (as the comments certainly suggest), means you won't feel as if you're letting anyone down.

As you can see, it's been long enough for me to respond to your Comment. Sometimes we have better, interesting, enjoyable and more important things to do.

It's good to see you don't feel as though you're letting anybody, nor yourself down.

I'll pop by every now and then, just to check for updates! :)