Tuesday, 27 October 2009

So, about that PDF...

Oh hey, you’re still here? Woah, would you look at that date. How can it be the 26th already? Hmm, wasn’t that final Permanent Death thing supposed to be out by now?

Why, yes, yes it was. And it very nearly was too… except that I decided it would be cooler and a much better package overall if (drum roll please) I waited for Clint Hocking to finish writing a short foreword/endorsement of the PD story that he said he probably would, maybe someday, when he’s not busy lecturing all around the world.

So yes, Permanent Death is late and there’s something you can do about it. If you follow this link, it will take you to the twitter homepage with a pre-set message for you to send to Clint. This way, he’ll know just how many people care about a) the ending to his game, and b) how many people want to read his foreword. So do that, follow the link and maybe, just maybe, when he’s on his next flight to his next speaking engagement as part of the Click Nothing 2009 Tour, just maybe he’ll get out his laptop and write something cool.

And that means, you all get Permanent Death. If you want it that is.

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SnakeLinkSonic said...

Done and done...

It would be nice to have this for the day when I finally sit down to play FarCry 2. It's something I'd be interested in taking a stab at myself. Since I missed all you guys doing it in conjunction with each other, this kind of solidifies the whole worth of your process.