Friday 4 December 2009

Permanent Death - The Complete Saga

After some delay I am now proud to announce that the complete Permanent Death saga is available for download. This definitive PDF version of the story, novel, machinima, whatever you want to call it, is something I am immensely proud of. I feel it eclipses both the scope and quality of anything I’ve ever produced before.

The story is 391 pages long and features hundreds of full colour screenshots from Far Cry 2, one of the most beautiful games of recent times. It chronicles my progress from the beginning of the game all the way to the end of my single in-game life some 20 play hours later. Permanent Death represents a large portion of a year of my life, and an obsession with a game that captured my imagination in a way that I struggle to articulate.

Permanent Death is a free download, however if you decide that it is worth something to you in a monetary sense, then I would only ask that you donate something small to the ongoing efforts to fly me to GDC in March 2010 which you can read more about here.

Thank you for reading SLRC and Permanent Death.

Download Permanent Death here. (104mb)


cjhyde said...

it's alive. aliiiiiiiiive.

Brendan Keogh said...

Thanks for putting this all together like this! I kept meaning to follow Permanent Death as it was going but only ended up catching a few segments. Now I'm going to print this out and read through it all :).

I lost a good few months of this year to Far Cry 2. Once I started it, I could not play anything else until it was finished. Save perhaps Morrowind, no single game has ever held my attention so completely before. I look forward to reading through the whole thing. Well done :)

M. H. Mason said...

I've been looking for something to read during my morning bowls of oatmeal; I think I found a winner.

Personally, I never was able to get immersed in Far Cry 2 as much as I wanted to. But I have heard about the whole Permanent Death phenomena and took interest in that through various sites and podcasts.

In other words, I can't wait to dive into your piece.

Gerard Delaney said...

This is excellent news, well done on a tremendous achievement. My download has started and I eagerly look forward to consuming the entire sage in a continuous format.

Moriarty70 said...

I'll be grabbing this when I get home from the office, but I was wondering if there could be a text only version to make it a little easier on my eReader?

Ben Abraham said...

Hmm, I hadn't thought about that Moriarty, but it could most certainly be arranged. What format of text only would you prefer? Word doc, plain text or PDF?

Moriarty70 said...

I checked into Kindle as well and it looks like PDF is the main format everyone can use. Least amount of work to help everyone and such.

Anonymous said...

I'm unable to dl from the server, might be a temporary thing so I'll try again later. This sounds interesting though, so would it be possible to put it up on a different site?

Elliott Richards said...

I downloaded your teaser piece about this long ago. I loved the idea. It's so creative, just like your writing, Ben.

To take this one level further than your blog is an incredible idea. I'm sorry I was too late to donate to your small fund. I have very little money, but I'm sure $20 would've been a healthy contribution.

It's ALOT of pages, so perhaps that $20 would be better spent on all the paper and ink it's gonna take to print these out! It'll cost more than that anyway!

Great work Ben, this past year has probably been your best in my opinion. I only noticed your blog in 2009, but it appears that 2009 has been your year for success. The Perma-death ordeal is Yours! And yours to keep. Nobody is taking this away from you.

It has been a privalege to have jumped on your Perma-death bandwagon. To be referenced in your blog. To have read all your fantastic and gripping entries.

Congratulations on earning yourself such a fanbase, including some of that development team over at Ubisoft Montreal.

Although some of their enthusiasm may be coming from the recognition and promotion their game is gaining from your whole ordeal, you can take many things away from this. Your popularity amongst Ubisoft Montreal.

They have referenced you on their website. They have had Clint Hocking write an entire blog dedicated to his perception of your perma-death. And if you did end up having Clint write a piece for your GDF thing, then obviously he contributed in that sense too.

Here's to 2010. A new decade. I'll continue to read your blogs as I remember. I'll comment when neccessary. I will ensure that I learn from your writing, just as I have done before.

You're an exceptional and talented writer. Never give up!


Ben Abraham said...

Thanks Elliott, you're a real gentleman.

TheNerdyCynic said...

Great job Ben, you've expertly managed to combine deep human psychology and plain ol' good gaming. Not many people can do that.

D. Falco said...

Good job on Permadeath!! I did notice that you made fun of the DJ called Lord Haw-Haw, and I thought you might like to know that it is actually a historical reference from WWII:

Keep up the good work. You've actually inspired me to buy Far Cry 2 - no goofy Jack, no cliched mutant monsters.

You should conside doing another Permadeath adventure, but on the first playthrough of a game. It'd likely be shorter, but it'd be even more tense.