Sunday 4 November 2007

Post #4 More posts about MY games, darrnit!

Why hello there, avid readers!

I bet you've been dying to hear from me again. Well, I hate to be brief, but I just don't go in for those boxer things, so briefs it is!

So what have I been playing lately? Have I dutifully gone back and played through SS2 as a Psy Op specialist as I hinted at? Hell no, dear readers, the limited time available to this author means that he has decided to move onto greener pastures, as it were, at least for the time being. I'm now playing the 1998 Blizzard classic, Starcraft(tm)!

So I've been getting around in SCraft for a while, and when i came back to it, It was just like riding a bike. A friend of mine got me back into it, as he wanted to "get into shape" before Starcraft 2 comes out (as if he could! Bar-humbug!). So we've been playing it a fair bit over Hamachi (a VPN program) and I've come to appreciate the dependability of the '98 style AI. My friend, who shall remain nameless, showed me this awesome tactic to apply when the first wave of enemies arrives.... RUN AWAY!

Woah, revolutionary stuff, but it really works! You just grab the guy that the enemies are attacking, find an empty space on the minimap that looks ripe for a bit o' exploring, and off he goes, trailing 12 hungry space marines in his wake... weeee!

Well, enjoy trying out this new (only took 9 years to develop this tactic) awesome Strat, and tell me how it goes. I used to ALWAYS get beaten in the first wave as a young'n... but now, I can pwn the computer with the best of them. It's interesting how age adds a very new perspective to things, no? I guess David Sirlin wasn't right when he wrote the article World of Warcraft teaches the wrong things... time really DOES = Skill.... or... does it just = NOT suck? Either way, Sirlin is a... well... when I approached him on his website to discuss this idea, instead of actually responding to my actual question, he decided to take it as a personal attack and convince me of his arguemnt by saying "No no no, YOU'RE wrong." Seriously. Doesn't he get the idea behind rejecting someone else's premise, and instead proposing a different one? Gosh, what is wrong with people on the internets! It's almost enough to make me cry, except that I'd get cyber bullied, so i'll just go be all emo in my room and turn off all the lights and dress in black. MMmmm sleep is very tempting right about now, and I've written about 3x as much as I initially intended. Oh cruel Blog, why must you always run deviously long or short?

Is this entire post self-indulgently long? Tell me in the comments! I crave the attention!

Peace out!