Monday, 22 December 2008

Featured on The Brainy Gamer Podcast

As a special part of the end-of-year discussion, Michael Abbott of The Brainy Gamer has assembled the whole crew of The Gamers Confab to do a huge round-up of their favorite games of '08. I'm in the second half of the 1st podcast (being 3 in all - there sure are a lot of us bloggers!) and you'll get to hear me rave about the game that I love from this year (the biggest non-secret around I believe) saying such silly things as "In the game the environment almost becomes a character itself...etc". Phew!

Also, a big thank you to Kieron Gillen over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun for linking to my post on Audiosurf yesterday/ earlier today in The Suday Papers. It's very nice to know someone like him is reading (even occasionally) the things I write, and it's a great privelege to be linked to by the boys.


Iroquois Pliskin said...

I had a really hard time guessing what your #1 would be :P

Seriously though, thank you for evangelizing Far Cry 2 and the work of CLINT HOCKING. That game is really excellent (in my top 3, somewhere in the vicinity of Fallout 3), and if my xbox hadn't tied directly after my entry into the southern province I'd be playing right now.

Ben Abraham said...

Hehe. Glad to see that little naming convention is catching on. ;-)

Take your time with FC2 - Africa will be there when you get back. =)

Michael Abbott said...

Guess what game arrived in the mail today? Looks like it's time for me to head Africa-way.

Probably won't crack it open til after Christmas, but nice to know it sits here waiting for me.

Ben Abraham said...

Ooh! Enjoy sir! May African's blazing heat warm your cold-christmassy norther hemisphere locale! =D