Wednesday 1 April 2009

SLRC Shifts Focus

Dear Readers,

SLRC has been quite a good blast,
But I think that its heyday
Has most truly passed.

Henceforth SLRC shall no longer be known,
As a blog about games,
But a blog about Gnomes.

You and I both realize,
I’m sure it is clear,
That games are exhausting;
Art potential - unclear.

So I grab my pen;
I ignore the fear.
And turn my attention
To a topic most dear.

This most pressing task,
One so serious and dire,
Will not be stopped
By any man’s ire.

SLRC stands vigilant and alone,
But unlike Call of Duty,
We’re upright,
Never prone!

My motivation is simple,
I count it but once,
To silence those,
Who call Gnomes a “dunce”.

Those who say Gnomes,
Are “boring” or “simple”.
This is clearly a lie,
Yet lies they remain - just like pimples.

Thusly I strive to turn a critical eye,
To the practice and discussion
(This being a matter of pride)

Of the literature of Gnomes!
Short, thought they may be,
But not without important history.

What blogs be for Gnomes?!
I now wonder aloud.
At least SLRC,
And in this - I feel proud.